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News & Updates

New Librarian Futures report sheds light on librarian perspectives on the current librarian skills landscape

Post on November 3, 2023

Read the latest report in our Librarian Futures series which explores insights from over 2,000 academic library professionals on actionable strategies for skills and career development.

News & Updates

Empowering librarians with self-serve configuration of Talis Aspire

Post on April 3, 2024

We are excited to share that we’ve introduced new self-serve settings that will streamline the way librarians work with Talis Aspire: The online resource list management system loved by over 100 universities worldwide. This latest release enables Talis Aspire customers to self-serve configuration of settings, including…

News & Updates

Lean Library Cite: Streamlining Your Patrons’ Citation Process

Post on April 2, 2024

We are delighted to announce that Lean Library has launched its latest version of Lean Library Cite. Lean Library Cite enables students and researchers to easily generate and copy references of articles they access online, via the Lean Library browser extension.


What happened at Talis Insight APAC 2024?

Post on February 29, 2024

Our much-loved Talis Insight APAC (Asia-Pacific) event returned this year, held at the University of Queensland. Read on for a recap of Talis Insight APAC 2024...

User Stories

Case Study: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Post on February 21, 2024

Read our case study and learn how Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam are using Talis Aspire to increase the usage of Open Access content, avoid violations of copyrighted content and reduce their annual spending on academic materials.

News & Updates

Talis Aspire in 2023: Connecting Libraries with Faculty and Students

Post on December 19, 2023

Read our round up reflection on how the Talis Aspire resource list management system connected libraries with faculty and students in 2023 via their course lists.

News & Updates

Lean Library in 2023: Innovations, Milestones and Events

Post on December 18, 2023

As we near the end of 2023, it’s time to take a trip down memory lane and reflect on what’s been a fantastic year for Lean Library. We’ve been on a journey of growth and development, and guess what? It's all thanks to our incredible customers for continuously supporting us and providing invaluable feedback. Read on to find out how we've been seamlessly bringing libraries into the patron’s workflows in 2023.

News & Updates

5 Academic Community Resolutions for the New Year

Post on December 15, 2023

We asked colleagues from universities around the world to reflect on the information in Librarian Futures Part III, and tell us where they see exciting opportunities and emerging challenges for 2024. Read on to discover their upskilling resolutions are for the year ahead.

News & Updates

Where has Larry the Lean Library Llama been in 2023?

Post on December 11, 2023

Find out where Larry, the cuddly Lean Library Llama, has been in 2023 – from the United States to Spain, and even some surprising locations. Read on to discover the travels of our four-legged friend…


9 Key Findings from Librarian Futures Report Part Three

Post on November 9, 2023

We recently launched our Librarian Futures Report Part Three, titled The Librarian Skills Gap. In this blog post we'll bring you a sneak peek of the 9 key findings from the new report.

News & Updates

Unlocking success: Start your new academic year with Lean Library

Post on October 6, 2023

Watch back our Lean Library Back to School webinar series, where we went over the essentials of Lean Library to prepare institutions for the year ahead and presented what is being planned for Lean Library in 2024.


7 Ways to Reimagine the Academic Library

Post on September 26, 2023

We're thrilled to share insights from our recent webinar, "Reimagining the academic library for the student of tomorrow," in collaboration with OpenAthens. Discover the 7 transformative strategies that can reshape academic libraries and amplify the student learning journey.

User Stories

Kennesaw State University Case Study

Post on August 31, 2023

Read our case study and learn how Kennesaw State University increased their collection usage by 3712% in just 4 months!

News & Updates

Lean Library launches redesigned extension on major web stores

Post on August 22, 2023

Read about the release of the redesigned and improved Lean Library extension.

Meet the Team

A Day in the Life, with our Product Manager, Kate Broadfield

Post on August 8, 2023

Spend A Day in the Life with our Product Manager, Kate Broadfield. Find out more about Kate at Technology from Sage including what it's like working on the Talis product platform, working at a risk-supportive company and visiting National Trust properties!


What are the risks and opportunities for AI in the academic landscape?

Post on July 25, 2023

At our Tech from Sage Insight conference we explored AI's impact in academia, addressing risks and benefits. Discover findings from the ChatGPT and Generative AI Codesign Challenge session, focusing on AI-powered assignments, assessments, and digitization of resources in education.


Librarian Futures: In Conversation with Patrons 

Post on July 10, 2023

We held the inaugural Tech from Sage Insight conference, a two-day event in Birmingham, gathering academic librarians, students and thought leaders from the higher education sector. During the event, Matthew Weldon, EdTech Success Consultant, discussed key takeaways from part two of our Librarian Futures reports with Samantha Sharman (University of Lincoln student) and Professor Jamie Wood (University of Lincoln). Here are the main points from their insightful session, along with audio excerpts from the speakers.

Meet the Team

A Day in the Life, with our Customer Success Consultant, Julia Dougherty

Post on July 6, 2023

Spend A Day in the Life with our new Customer Success Consultant, Julia Dougherty. Find out more about her role at Technology from Sage and more about Julia, including what it's like starting a new role remotely, her librarian background and love of thrifting!


Unlocking the Power of Teaching & Learning Technologies: Honest Insights from Asking the Students

Post on June 26, 2023

At our inaugural Tech from Sage Insight event in April, we had our breakout session “Ask the Students: Honest insights from students using teaching & learning technologies”. In this blog post, we'll explore the challenges students face in their undergraduate university journey and provide the key takeaways and insights from the students which resonate with their experiences of using digital tools.


9 Key Findings from Librarian Futures Report Part Two

Post on June 22, 2023

We recently published our second Librarian Futures report, based on the results of a student-led research project seeking to better understand student perspectives on the university experience, and more specifically, resource and reading lists for the classroom. In this blog post we'll look at 9 key findings from the Librarian Futures Report Part Two.

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