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User Stories

Kennesaw State University Case Study

Post on August 31, 2023

Read our latest case study and learn how Kennesaw State University increased their collection usage by 3712% in just 4 months!

News & Updates

Lean Library launches redesigned extension on major web stores

Post on August 22, 2023

Read about the release of the redesigned and improved Lean Library extension.

Meet the Team

A Day in the Life, with our Customer Success Consultant, Julia Dougherty

Post on July 6, 2023

Spend A Day in the Life with our new Customer Success Consultant, Julia Dougherty. Find out more about her role at Technology from Sage and more about Julia, including what it's like starting a new role remotely, her librarian background and love of thrifting!


Unlocking the Power of Teaching & Learning Technologies: Honest Insights from Asking the Students

Post on June 26, 2023

At our inaugural Tech from Sage Insight event in April, we had our breakout session “Ask the Students: Honest insights from students using teaching & learning technologies”. In this blog post, we'll explore the challenges students face in their undergraduate university journey and provide the key takeaways and insights from the students which resonate with their experiences of using digital tools.

Meet the Team

Meet our Head of Product, Discovery & Authorship, João Peres

Post on May 2, 2023

Get to know our Head of Product, Discovery & Authorship,  João Peres in this Meet the Team post, where João talks about why he loves working across the Lean Library and Sciwheel and the importance of being grateful in day-to-day life.

Meet the Team

Meet our North America Sales Director, Jessica Clemons

Post on April 21, 2023

Get to know Jessica Clemons, our Sales Director for North America, including how she started her career as a librarian so has first-hand insight into their needs.


5 insights about the Lean Library and Springshare integration

Post on April 20, 2023

Read a summary of key insights from our sponsored session at ACRL Conference 2023, to learn more about the partnership between Lean Library and Springshare.


Unveiling a new user-centered approach on the delivery of library services

Post on April 20, 2023

Read 5 key insights from our ER&L session on how Bangor University library used digital services at multiple points of the patron workflow to increase library impact and engagement with library-subscribed resources.


5 insights on future-proofing access from ER&L 2023

Post on April 20, 2023

Read 5 key insights from our ER&L Conference 2023 session on how libraries can enter patron workflows - including via Chatbox and LibChat.

News & Updates

Technology from Sage Invests in Skilltype to Build Librarian Skills for the Future

Post on April 19, 2023

Read our news update on our investment into Skilltype: a talent management platform codesigned with libraries to improve access to quality training resources in line with changing patron needs.

Meet the Team

Meet our Managing Director, Matt Hayes

Post on April 14, 2023

Get to know our Managing Director, Matt Hayes, in this interview blog. Matt discusses his career so far, winning the BETT Award for Lean Library Futures, and what sets Technology from Sage apart.

Meet the Team

Meet our Product Director, Daniel Horvath

Post on April 14, 2023

Get to know our Product Director, Daniel Horvath in this Meet the Team post, where Daniel talks about utilizing librarian interviews to ensure our product roadmaps meet their needs.

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