Our strategy

Our mission is to help redefine and amplify the power of the academic library to advance teaching, learning and research. We do so by supporting the academic library through a transformative period, with Artificial Intelligence and Open Access driving dramatic changes in user behaviour, discovery workflows and publishing models.
Libraries are already responding to this transformation by shifting from traditional collection-centric approaches to more patron-centric ones, putting services and university objectives at the centre of their strategy. We design our technologies to reflect this shift, always seeking to put the library back into the heart of their patrons’ workflows, improving productivity and efficiency for patrons, while amplifying library’s value and impact.

Our current technologies provide solutions around reading list workflows, resource discovery and access, library marketing, reference management and authorship. Whether used individually or in combination, these technologies amplify the library’s value both on and off campus, and are backed by the long-term thinking inherent to Sage, an independent company not beholden to shareholders but to a mission of ‘building bridges to knowledge’.

Our product strategy

The academic library is at the heart of our product strategy and your patrons, as our users, are always in mind. We know the biggest frustrations of students and researchers from Sage’s long experience of online publishing. We curated our technologies, and continue to develop and expand our suite, to solve these pain points in their workflow and bring libraries closer to their patrons. Our technologies complement each other by improving the patron experience at different stages of their workflow – starting from guided discovery, reading and instruction through to independent discovery, writing and citation.

Meet our leadership team

Matt Hayes Managing Director
Daniel Horvath Product Director
Matt Moran Chief Technology Officer
Nicola Langford Sales Director, International
Jessica Clemons Sales Director, North America
Laura Unwin Operations Director
Fadel Combary Head of Finance
Mojoko Noah Lead HR Business Partner
Amy Sparrow Head of Product Marketing
Kimberley Simpson Head of Brand Marketing

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