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Library technologies that improve your patrons’ workflow.

Lean Library

Lean Library puts your library on your patrons’ shoulder via an extension on their browser. It embeds your library’s services and resources throughout your patrons’ workflow – whether they start on Google Scholar, PubMed or beyond. Lean Library offers a basic, regular, and premium service which libraries can subscribe to: Lean Library Access, Lean Library Workflow for LibGuides, and Lean Library Futures. Get in touch to discuss which feature-set best suits your library’s needs.


Sciwheel is an award-winning online reference management tool providing library patrons with an easy way to discover, read, annotate, write, and share research. Sciwheel includes a web-based application, a browser extension, and add-ins for Google Docs and Microsoft Word to connect resource discovery with academic writing. With customizable, intuitive and accessible features that enable patrons to easily collaborate and share research, Sciwheel is where research comes together.

Talis Aspire

Talis Aspire is an online resource list management system used by over 100 universities worldwide. Talis Aspire connects faculty and students with relevant library holdings and integrates seamlessly with existing systems. It provides acquisition, reporting, and copyright management workflows – giving librarians with the tools they need to stay at the heart of teaching & learning. With an average of 10,000 Talis Aspire reading lists per institution, it can help reduce library admin dramatically.

Talis Elevate

Talis Elevate is a collaborative annotation platform that brings class discussion into the heart of course content. Students and faculty can interact with each other via commenting directly in materials so students learn together, regardless of location. Talis Elevate enables comments and personal note taking in 17+ types of content, meaning all your library’s content can be brought to life and put into the heart of teaching and learning. On top, Talis Elevate gives faculty insights into engagement and helps identify students who need support.

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