Librarian Futures Part II: The Knowledge Gap Between Librarians and Students

What the report is about:

In 2021, our inaugural Librarian Futures Report revealed areas of misalignment between the support and resources prioritized by the library compared to the areas most appreciated by patrons based on a largescale survey of librarians and their patrons. To build a more detailed picture, we commissioned a student-led research project in 2022, seeking to better understand student perspectives on the university experience, and more specifically, resource and reading lists for the classroom.

We hope that the findings shared in this new report, Librarian Futures Report Part II: The Knowledge Gap Between Librarians and Students, will be as informative for librarians as it has been for our use at Technology from Sage, directly informing our product strategy and plans over the coming years. As we work to meet the future head-on, it’s important that both libraries and library vendors do so equipped with as thorough an understanding of the needs of library patrons as possible.

“The findings of this report serve as a call to action for academic libraries to re-evaluate their role in the student experience and reimagine how they can best serve the needs of the student of tomorrow. It is clear that academic libraries must embrace new technologies and adapt to changing student expectations, while continuing to provide the essential services and resources that have been at the core of their mission for centuries.

Matt Hayes, Managing Director, Technology from Sage

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