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Guiding students and academics on the art of ChatGPT for research

April 17, 2024 (BST)

Watch our free webinar about how students and researchers can best use ChatGPT for their studies and research. You’ll hear from AI expert Dr Leo Lo, who developed the brand new Sage Campus online course: The Art of Chat GPT Interactions. You’ll also hear about the brand-new integration between Sage Campus and Lean Library that will surface Leo’s course on the ChatGPT site via the Lean Library browser extension, delivering guidance to students and researchers at point of need as and when they are trying to use this tool.


Dr Leo S. Lo

Dean & Professor

College of University Libraries and Learning Services, University of New Mexico

Leo Lo is Dean and Professor of the College of University Libraries and Learning Services at the University of New Mexico. He is an expert in AI literacy in education and libraries and is President-Elect of the Association of College & Research Libraries. Leo is the instructor on the new Sage Campus course: The Art of ChatGPT Interactions.

Amy Sparrow

Head of Product Marketing

Technology from Sage

Amy Sparrow is Head of Product Marketing at Technology from Sage, responsible for a suite of products that amplify the power of the academic library to make teaching, learning and research easier. The library technologies support a shift from a content-centric to patron-centric approach, including Lean Library, Sciwheel, Talis Aspire and Talis Elevate.

About The Art of ChatGPT Interactions Sage Campus Course

Sage Campus supports the teaching and learning of skills and research methods through 280+ hours of structured online learning. Their new course, The Art of ChatGPT Interactions is designed to help build skills and confidence to get the most out of generative AI tools such as ChatGPT. Under the guidance of AI expert Leo Lo, the course covers the art of prompt engineering, deepens understanding of how ChatGPT works, and teaches a systematic approach can help researchers get better outcomes.

About Lean Library

Lean Library embeds library resources and services into patrons’ online workflows via an extension on their browser. It streamlines access to library holdings or Open Access alternatives, driving usage of resources and promoting the library wherever patrons are online today – be it Google Scholar, PubMed, Wikipedia or beyond.

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