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Delivering LibGuides, Training & Guidance at Point of Need with Lean Library

April 25, 2024 (BST)

Libraries invest substantial time in creating and providing patrons with valuable training materials, that they want to see being used. However, driving patron awareness and usage can pose a challenge for many, as patrons are often forced to leave their workflows to access these materials. 

With Lean Library Workflow for LibGuides, libraries can seamlessly integrate Springshare LibGuides and other library training materials into their patrons’ workflows, increasing awareness and usage by delivering materials directly when and where needed, on any academic resource or website.  

Watch our webinar where we delve into how Lean Library empowers libraries to increase the visibility of LibGuides and training materials. Gain insights from real-life success stories, such as Utah State University’s remarkable 450% increase in LibGuide usage was achieved through Lean Library’s integration of their LibGuides into their patrons’ workflows. 

Librarians decide where and which LibGuides should be made available, providing vital support and guidance to students throughout their workflow without the need for a physical presence. Join us to uncover how Lean Library can revolutionize your library’s approach, making LibGuides more accessible and impactful for patrons. 

Watch Webinar:

About Lean Library:

Lean Library puts the library in your patrons’ workflow, making content and resources available whenever and wherever your patrons need them via the Lean Library extension on their browser. Whether it’s Google Scholar, PubMed, or whatever your patrons’ preferred search tools are, Lean Library will bring your library’s discovery service to your patron at their point of need. 

Talia Richards-Resendes Vice President of Marketing, Springshare
Amy Sparrow Head of Marketing, Technology from Sage

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