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Driving Cost Savings for your Library and Patrons with Lean Library

March 27, 2024 (GMT)

Acquiring high-quality content is a massive cost for libraries, sometimes compounded by paying for content that is available Open Access elsewhere or that the library already has access to under a different license agreement. Unfortunately, patrons often underutilize this content due to difficulties in finding and accessing it, resulting in unseen content and financial losses for libraries.  

Moreover, the Librarian Futures Report indicates that 81% of students face financial worries throughout their education, limiting their spending on course material to approximately $22 annually. When pressed for deadlines on assignments, students and researchers often hit a ‘paywall panic’ and purchase materials themselves, unaware that it may be available through the library or in an Open Access repository. This cycle leads to wasted library resources, lost investments, and increased student expenses.  

Watch back the recording of our Cost Savings webinar to explore how Lean Library can save both your library and its patrons money. In 2023, Lean Library saved libraries an estimated $65 million by directing patrons to freely available resources at their point of need through the browser extension, not only reducing costs but also boosting the usage of library holdings. 

Watch webinar:

What the webinar covers:

The webinar will cover how Lean Library: 

  • Unlocks instant & legal access to millions of free academic papers  
  • Surfaces Open Access eBooks for patrons via an integration with the Database of Open Access Books 
  • How Lean Library saved libraries and patrons an estimated $65 million in 2023 
  • And more. 

About Lean Library:

Lean Library puts the library in your patrons’ workflow, making content and resources available whenever and wherever your patrons need them via the Lean Library extension on their browser. Whether it’s Google Scholar, PubMed, or whatever your patrons’ preferred search tools are, Lean Library will bring your library’s discovery service to your patron at their point of need. 

Nicola Langford Sales Director, International

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