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Charleston Conference

November 7 - November 10, 2023 (EDT)
Downtown Charleston, SC, USA

We’re pleased to be sponsoring Charleston Conference this year. If you’re attending, drop by stand 103 on the 7th November to meet Jessica Clemons, our Director of Development, and the Technology from Sage team.

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Join Technology from Sage sessions throughout the conference:


Library Skills: A Moving Target

November 8, 2023, 11:15 – 11:55 AM EDT, Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion Hotel

The role of the academic library is ever-evolving and so are the essential skills needed by libraries and librarians. The shift to online learning, Covid, AI… patron workflows have changed dramatically in recent years, bringing new challenges and new opportunities.

This session will explore the findings of a recent report from Technology from Sage and Skilltype on librarian skills. The report examines current trends and perspectives based on analyzing anonymized, aggregated skills and interests selected by librarians on the Skilltype platform, a survey of librarians worldwide, and interviews with practicing librarians. The panelists will reflect on several key insights in the report.

Among these key insights is a comprehensive breakdown of the skills librarians are most focused on developing, highlighting areas such as diversity, equity and inclusion, Open Access, and Open Educational Resources. The report also examines the future-facing skills identified by librarians and library directors, such AI and critical literacy. Areas of overlap and disconnect, between librarians and library directors, are also highlighted by the report. For example, areas such as student success are often viewed as priority areas for both groups, yet library directors may emphasize vendor tools more than librarians at large. Finally, the report discusses trends in library practices to facilitate training and upskilling, and the relative frequency of training and upskilling across libraries.

Panelists will reflect on each of these key insights from the report, and their implications for the future of the profession. Following their discussion, the panel will open the session out to the audience and invite questions. Attendees are welcome to join the discussion and share their own reflections.


  • Matthew Hayes, Managing Director, Technology From Sage
  • Christine Quirion, COO, Skilltype
  • Karim Boughida, Dean of Libraries, Stony Brook University
  • Paul Bracke, Dean of the Wayne State University Library System, Wayne State University


Meeting Users Where They Search: Exploring the Synergy between Library Discovery and Web-Scale Search

November 27, 2023, 10:30 – 11:10 AM EDT

The advent of the internet and digital technologies has revolutionized the landscape of academic research discovery. In recent years, Google Scholar has emerged as a dominant platform for researchers seeking relevant scholarly literature, while traditional library discovery services have experienced a decline in usage across campuses. This session aims to delve into the reasons behind this shift and examine the profound impact it has had on the academic research ecosystem. Hearing perspectives from the library, publisher, and technology spaces, this session will examine the innovative strategies employed to leverage web-scale search technologies, discuss their implications for research access, and highlight best practices for enhancing discovery experiences in the digital age. 

Session objectives:

  • Investigate the limitations and challenges faced by library discovery services in competing with Google Scholar.
  • Discuss the impact of this shift on researchers, libraries, and scholarly communication.
  • Explore potential strategies and collaborations to enhance the effectiveness of library discovery services in the digital age.
  • Identify opportunities for researchers, libraries, and other stakeholders to adapt and thrive in the changing landscape of academic research discovery.


  • Matthew Ragucci, Product Marketing Director, Wiley
  • Jessica Clemons, Director of Development, Technology from Sage
  • Alice Daugherty, Professor and Director of Resource Acquisition and Discovery, The University of Alabama

Enhancing Student Success and Faculty Connections: The Crucial Role of Reading List Systems in Academic Libraries

November 27, 2023, 2:30 – 3:10 PM EDT

A recent survey of 600 students in the US, Canada, and UK revealed that 42% of students find resources for their assignments and studies by checking their course reading list compared to 35% of students finding resources by visiting the library website. Additionally, 50% of students use the resources that their instructor shares. These findings indicate that libraries need to ensure that faculty are better connected to library content to use in their course lists and recommended resources to ultimately ensure content is reaching students where they are searching.

One way academic libraries are connecting students and faculty to library holdings is through resource list management technology. This session will cover a use case from the University of North Alabama Library on how they are using resource list management technology to support their goals of a student-centered academic experience to improve and enhance student learning.

In this session, the University of North Alabama Library will cover how they are implementing and using new resource management software to connect faculty and students directly with library holdings through their course reading lists. They will explore a discovery layer integration which makes it easier for students to find and engage with the right resources at the right time – saving them time and money. The panel will discuss how this technological move has improved digital pedagogy, quality control, acquisition and copyright management workflows whilst dramatically reducing library administration. Finally, the panel will discuss how resource management software contributes positively to faculty connections with the library, facilitating a better understanding of how to support students with learning resources.


  • Jessica Clemons, Director of Development, Technology from Sage
  • Derek Malone, University Librarian, University of North Alabama
  • John McCullough, Director, Academic Library Management Services, OCLC Inc.

Who should attend the conference:
This conference is aimed at librarians, publishers, electronic resource managers, consultants, and vendors of library materials to discuss issues of importance to them all.

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