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March 27, 2024 (AEST)

Are you ready to unlock the power of Lean Library to enhance your library’s services? Ready to seamlessly integrate your library into your patrons’ workflow? Prepared to simplify access to your library’s holdings, while boosting usage? Set to enhance access to Open Access materials and amplify the visibility of your library?

If so, we invite you to watch this insightful webinar where we showcase how Lean Library can streamline your library workflows and enhance the overall user experience.

At our recent Insight Asia Pacific event hosted by Technology from Sage at the University of Queensland, librarians from academic institutions across Australia and New Zealand convened to discuss best practices in using library technologies and how they’re innovating with new tools. One of those technologies discussed was Lean Library. If you missed the event, this webinar is your chance to catch up on the latest trends.

Watch webinar:

What the webinar covers?

This webinar will cover:

  • Streamlining access to library content and resources, increasing patron usage
  • Unlocking access to Open Access content, saving both patrons and the library money
  • Seamlessly integrating with popular tools like Google Scholar and PubMed
  • Bringing the library discovery service to patrons’ preferred search tools
  • Putting library guidance and instruction on any academic resource or website online
  • And more…

About Lean Library

Lean Library puts the library in your patrons’ workflow, making content and resources available whenever and wherever your patrons need them via the Lean Library extension on their browser. Whether it’s Google Scholar, PubMed, or whatever your patrons’ preferred search tools are, Lean Library will bring your library’s discovery service to your patron at their point of need. 

Meet the key speakers

Helen Anderson
Helen Anderson Development Manager
Adam Barry Development Manager

We have found the Lean Library setup process really easy to work through and the support team have been amazing…Lean Library’s biggest benefit is that it makes the discovery and access process easier for our students and staff.

Caroline Gauld, Manager Discovery, The University of Melbourne

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June 11 - June 14, 2024

We’re pleased to be sponsoring EAHIL. If you’re attending, drop by stand to meet Helen Anderson, Development Manager and Rob Moore, Development Manager, Technology from Sage team.   If you’d like to book a meeting with us at the conference, please complete this form or email info@technologyfromsage.com.

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