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Lean Library Futures

Workflow services

Embed your services and collections into the patron workflow, whether they start on Google Scholar, PubMed, Wikipedia or beyond. This premium service puts the library at the center of the student and researcher experience.

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Collaborative annotation

Encourage student collaboration and engagement; with a platform that brings the discussion into the heart of teaching materials. Talis Elevate also helps academics learn more about student interactions and identify who may need more support.

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Resource list management

Create and manage resource lists online. Talis Aspire connects faculty and students with relevant library holdings and integrates seamlessly with existing systems. And it’s used by over 100 universities worldwide.

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Resource access

Simplify online access to library content and open access alternatives, with one easy-to-use browser extension. As the most comprehensive solution of its kind, Lean Library Access helps libraries drive usage, increase visibility, and save money.

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Archival discovery

Manage and showcase your archival collections and make use of powerful search and presentation tools developed by the team at Adam Matthew. Use Quartex to create engaging websites and digital exhibitions that give patrons access to collections in new and innovative ways.

The businesses that bring you Technology from SAGE

Founded by a librarian, Lean Library is an award-winning library technology company that delivers a new class of library services, bringing library resources and support directly into the patron’s workflow.

Librarians can engage communities and celebrate special collections with Quartex, a digital collections platform designed to help libraries, archives, and other repositories to easily publish, showcase, and share archival material, and developed by the team at Adam Matthew.

Talis's mission is to support faculty and libraries as they tackle the challenges of teaching and learning in a rapidly evolving environment.

What Technology from SAGE has to offer

We believe that independence sustains innovation. It’s been baked into SAGE’s DNA since 1965. We’re making sure that each service holds on to the spirit of a startup, with a dedicated and passionate team. That means you’ll be speaking directly with the experts, not a call center.

An independent SPIRIT

Because we know the library is fundamental to learning and research, we’re passionate about how we can use technology to amplify its value and prepare for the future. These pioneering services do just that.  

AMPLIFY library value

Each service is backed by an established name you already trust. From our long experience of online publishing for librarians, we know what the biggest frustrations are for students and researchers. We chose these services for their deep expertise in solving them. And with our support, you can be sure they won’t be here today, and gone tomorrow. 

The support of SAGE

Make learning

and research


The right technology can remove barriers to knowledge. So we’ve curated a portfolio of digital services that improve your patrons’ workflow – from managing their reading lists to discovering online resources and exploring archival material. Whether used individually or in combination, they help amplify the library’s value on campus, prepare your library for the future, and are backed by a name you already trust.