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The right technology can remove barriers to knowledge. Technology from Sage is a curated suite of library technologies that advance teaching, learning and research - from managing reading lists to discovering online resources and reference management.

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A suite of library technologies that improve your patrons’ workflow

Whether used individually or in combination, our suite of technologies put the library back into the heart of your patrons’ workflow. Browse our suite below to learn more.

Lean Library
Resource access and workflow services

Put your library on your patrons’ shoulder via an extension on their browser. Lean Library simplifies online access to library content and open access alternatives, and embeds library collections and services into the patrons’ workflow.

Talis Aspire
Resource list management

Create and manage resource lists with an online platform used by over 100 universities worldwide. Talis Aspire connects faculty and students with relevant library holdings and integrates seamlessly with your existing systems – streamlining acquisition decisions for your library.

Talis Elevate
Collaborative annotation

Encourage student collaboration and engagement with a platform that brings discussion into the heart of teaching materials. Talis Elevate enables collaborative annotation in 17+ content types, while giving academics insights into student interactions to fine-tune teaching.

Reading and authoring

Give library patrons an easy and intuitive way to discover, read, annotate, write and share research with an award-winning online reference management tool. With intuitive and customizable features that enable collaboration, Sciwheel is where research comes together.

For work that flows

Our technologies put the library back into the heart of the patrons’ workflow, improving patron productivity and efficiency as they discover, access and engage with content for studies and research.

Your library, amplified

Technology from Sage redefines and amplifies the power of the academic library. We increase the library’s value both on and off campus, prepare your library for the future, and are backed by the Sage name you already trust.

Enhance discoverability and streamline access to library holdings

Enhance discoverability and streamline access to library holdings

Promote and increase usage of your library's resources and services

Promote and increase usage of your library’s resources and services

Improve the patron workflow to increase productivity and efficiency

Improve the patron workflow to increase productivity and efficiency

Gain insights that support acquisition decisions and save time and money

Gain insights that support acquisition decisions and save time and money

Supporting libraries around the world

University College London
Cardiff University
University of Oxford
Harvard University
University of Auckland
University of Lincoln
University of Alberta
University of Cambridge

Improving the workflow of library patrons at all stages

14.5 million

references saved to Sciwheel


downloads of Lean Library


class comments on Talis Elevate

1.5 million

resources lists created on Talis Aspire

But don’t just take our word for it…

Read some testimonials from our users below.

Speech Marks

Technology from Sage is one of the most helpful companies I’ve encountered. I usually have a query/request for them (about Talis Aspire) at least once a week, and they always reply quickly to acknowledge my request, then resolve it within 24 hours! I wish all library product companies were like this.

Gabriella WilliamsBangor University
Speech Marks

(Sciwheel) It’s the best scholarly tool I’ve seen so far, in terms of its practical usage!

Shervin Safavi, PhDMax Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics
Speech Marks

For the University of Gloucestershire, Talis Aspire is much more than just reading list software. It brings together learning resources from a range of sources and embeds them into our Virtual Learning Environment.

James Hodgkin, Associate Director and University Librarian of LibraryUniversity of Gloucestershire
Speech Marks

At the University of Auckland, Talis Aspire is a key component of our collections strategy. We run daily reports to ensure that our purchases align directly with current teaching and learning at the university.

Kirsty Wilson, Manager, Collection Development and AccessUniversity of Auckland
Speech Marks

Talis Elevate uses my institution’s existing Learning Management System, enabling me to develop a more transparent and adaptive design and delivery of flipped learning.

Jasper Shotts, Principal Lecturer, School Director of Teaching and Learning, School of Health and Social CareUniversity of Lincoln
Speech Marks

The collaboration with Lean Library has been productive and exciting. We’d both spotted aspects of single sign-on that can be improved and working together, we’ve taken steps forward in creating a superior experience. We have removed the hoops and hurdles users sometimes need to jump through and over.

Jon Bentley, Commercial DirectorOpen Athens
Speech Marks

The installation and ongoing dialogue with Lean Library was exemplary; always consistently helpful and very responsive. I am not necessarily very technically minded but Daniel – our Lean Library contact – guided me through all the necessary steps at our end.

Andrew Cheney, Evidence Services LeadNHS Mersey Care
Speech Marks

The implementation of Lean Library in Mersey Care has contributed towards a 45% increase in online journal usage…

Andrew Cheney, Evidence Services LeadNHS Mersey Care
Speech Marks

The judges applauded (Lean Library) for the clear proposition that added real value for students and lecturers, bringing libraries into the 3rd millennium, starting with looking at how students work and replacing traditional approaches. Judges were particularly impressed by ease of use, and a recognition of the social nature of learning in higher education.

On Lean Library winning Higher Education – Digital Learning ProductBett Awards 2022
Speech Marks

By using the assist messages within Lean Library, we are also able to inform users of known issues with suppliers or websites, saving the user and library team time in answering questions before they are raised.

Andrew Cheney, Evidence Services LeadNHS Mersey Care
Speech Marks

We’ve used Lean Library for several years and I’m going to be honest – it’s one of my favourite bits of library technology!

Matthew Smith, Academic LibrarianUniversity of East Anglia
Speech Marks

Having invested so much time to provide our patrons with library training materials, we want to see them used. With Lean Library Futures delivering our LibGuides into our patrons’ workflow, we have seen usage for a LibGuide increase by 450%.

Jason Folkman, Electronic Resources LibrarianUtah State University

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